Industrial Kaysun: commitment between innovation and versatility

We provide air or water condensed outdoor units, of 2 or 3 pipes with heat recovery and even a range of compact modular units, unique in the market.

October 2015.- Versatility is an essential element  in the variable refrigerant flow VRF air conditioning units. Industrial facilities require different needs which may vary from project to project. Therefore, Kaysun provides a variety of outdoor and indoor units as well as the technical team of experts to ensure the best option according to your needs.

For small installations, Kaysun offers the Mini Amazon range, with heat pump air condensed and a range of cooling capacity from 8 to 26 kW, single phase or three phase according to model. Fitted with DC Inverter fan motor and a compressor DC Inverter Twin Rotary, these units provide a high performance and energy efficiency connecting from 4 up to 12 indoor units per each outdoor, depending on the model.

Kaysun introduces Amazon Unitario, a compact unit with non modular heat pump of a cooling capacity from 28 to 67 kW. Fitted with vertical air discharge, except for models 40 and 45 kW with front air discharge, provides a higher versatility to the range. Available at a very competitive price, Amazon Unitario allows connect up to 39 indoor units.

Also available in 2 pipes we highlight the Amazon IV Pro, an outdoor combinable up to 4 modules with Full DC Inverter technology which provides the most energy efficiency of the range. With an innovative and compact design, it allows a maximum capacity of 246 kW in modules from 25.2 to 61.5 kW.

Amazon III W, in heat pump of 2 pipes, has the most compact structure of the unit in the range thanks to the lack of fan, which also reduces the weight. It allows combinations of up to 3 modules from 25.2 to 33.5 kW. The exchanger, tube in tube and crossflow, notably increases their efficiency.

Amazon II, covering a cooling capacity from 25.2 to 33.5 kW. Itsmodular design allows for combining up to 3 modules and a maximum cooling power of 84kW. Up to 150 meters length between the outdoor unit and the farthest indoor unit, combining up to 28 indoor units. The changeover boxes of this system connected between the outdoor and the indoor, are of a single outlet. Fitted with a vertical air discharge system, Amazon II offers up to 20 Pa available pressure.

The Amazon III Pro system of 3 pipes, is ideal for meeting the needs in large environments as it can be  combined in 4 units from 25.2 to 45 kW  cooling power and a maximum of 180 kW. All units are FULL DC Inverter allowing for combinations containing up to 64 indoor at a maximum distance of 200 meters from the furthest outdoor. Unlike the previous model, they require multi group changeover boxes with 2, 4 or 6 outlets.

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