Air-conditioning with chillers by Kaysun

Frigicoll’s own brand Kaysun offers a complete range of chillers available on Minichillers, Digital Modular Scroll or fixed Scroll and Screw.


November 2015.- Thanks to its range of chillers Nexus, Kaysun is proving to be the perfect solution for any air-conditioning hydronic project. With a wide range of chillers it allows great versatile power for air-conditioning from small projects to large facilities.


Minichillers, the most efficient option for domestic installations

The Minichiller units available in Inverter mode and On/Off, offer a compact design, ideal for an easy installation in small areas. Units of 5 to16 kW are fitted with electronic expansion valve, high efficiency plate heat exchanger and serial hydraulic kit with water pump, expansion vessel and a high and low pressure gauge.

The Minichillers On/Off are available in 10, 14 and 16 kW with remote dry contact On/Off control and another one cooling/heating.The Inverter low-power units in 5 and 7 kW have a remote dry contact On/Off control as well as to enable to incorporate an auxiliary water pump, if needed. The higher power Inverter in 10, 12, 14 and 16 kW, enlarge their possibilities with 5 dry contact: cooling/heating, remote On/Off, alarm, auxiliary water pump and a remote control for an optional control.

The standard specification for the entire range includes an incorporated control for managing and verifying the parameters of the unit but Kaysun also offers, as an option, a new cable touch control for Inverter units in 10 to 16 kW.


Modular chillers for hotels and commercial areas

For medium-sized projects, Kaysun offers a large range of modular units fitted with Digital Scroll compressor and fixed Scroll. The Digital Scroll units are available in 2 modules of 30 and 65 kW combinable up to 260 kW. The 30 kW modules are equipped with a tube in tube heat exchanger and the 66 kW with multi-tube type.
The modular chillers with fixed Scroll compressor are available in 130, 200 and 250 kW combinable up to 1000 kW. All of them are fitted with multi-tube exchanger and the anti-freezing function as standard and a weekly programmer control is available as an option, as well as the interface for LonWorks and BACnet.
Kaysun’s modular chillers use the environmental friendly refrigerant R410a for a higher efficiency. In addition, standard specification includes, dry contact on/off, cooling/heating and alarm; condensation control and auto protection and self-diagnosis function to improve performance.


Rotary screw chillers for large facilities

The air condensed chillers by Kaysun are ideal for large projects due to their high cooling capacity up to 1.420 kW. Kaysun comes up with 8 screw models with 1 and 2 cooling circuits for covering a large power range from 380 kW to 1.420 kW. All units are fitted with electronic expansion valve and 4-phase choking Bitzer bi-screw compressors for a better control over compression.
To enable a further optimization of the space, Screw units by Kaysun present a multitube evaporator and inverted "M"-shaped air condenser. Controlled by integrated microprocessor with touch screen, easy and intuitive.

Refrigerant R134a allows a higher efficiency, minimizing the impact on the environment and enabling higher heat conductivity.


About Kaysun

The wide variety of equipments consolidates Kaysun as a supplier of comprehensive solutions for air-conditioning any space, with the added value of Frigicoll’s commitment to high quality service. In line with its continuous research policy to develop high quality products, Kaysun strengthens its market position as a company in constant growing and evolving.

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