Kaysun by Frigicoll


Kaysun is one of Frigicoll's own brands, and represents its commercialization of air conditioning and thermal solar energy. Kaysun has a successful and well-known background thanks to over ten years of covering numerous projects they have carried out on a daily basis. The company can provide air conditioning using equipment from the Domestic range to the Industrial range, with excellent references, such as from the Barcelona Hilton Hotel.

Currently Kaysun is a brand with an outstanding presence and international profile, being distributed in countries such as France, Morocco, Ireland, Italy, Andorra and Portugal, and the brand is growing constantly.

The values behind the Kaysun brand are today recognized throughout those countries, and the Frigicoll guarantee is internationally respected. Frigicoll's professional team, through its vocation to satisfy the needs of its clients and friends, has created a reliable professional environment, where the products distributed by Frigicoll are highly attractive because of their high quality and service.


Find out more information at:  http://www.kaysun.es